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Trust the AI of Wh to identify the suitable candidate for your team.

While the AI processes the data, you can focus on other tasks.

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We will tell you if the candidate will be successful in a few months, years. Others tell you if they are successful now.

With Wh’s algorithms you can increase your personnel recruitment success rate by 50%.

AI-Analyzed and Classified CV Repository

Wh offers you a repository of classified and organized CVs by AI algorithms.

You can upload massively the CVs you get from other sources (e.g. CVs you get from job postings you have published on talent marketplaces) or connect your Wh platform directly to the channels you use for talent acquisition (e.g. the form of your website). We process files in formats such as pdf, doc., docx, txt, etc.

Our AI algorithms classify and organize CVs, discard CVs that are not in line with your search and find eligible candidates. Additionally, for future searches, you can search your db before spending money and posting new ads, maybe the talent you are looking for has already applied to work in your company. Alternatively, you can use the Wh platform as an ATS. You post your job offer and search among the candidates registered in Wh (discover the dedicated app for talents). In this case, you will have access to profiles enriched with the information required to register in Wh and you will have always up-to-date data.

Application Tracking System

Is your team growing? With Wh you can manage the whole recruitment process for open positions in your company. Post ads, receive applications, set up interviews and follow the candidates path to hiring with one tool.

Semantic Search and Intelligent Matching

Are you looking for talent? Tell us who your team needs and let artificial intelligence suggest the perfect candidates or search within our database using semantic search. The profile you are looking for is there ready to be found.


Have you ever heard of
inference maps?

In the CV all competences are not written, but Wh’s AI
can find them! Wh algorithms cross data from your company with
CV analysis and recognize the hidden competences of a candidate,
the implied competences and the related ones.

Create a team list
for your project,
for your business unit,
for your team!

Wh algorithms map the actual skills of your workforce.

We suggest candidates to you as you create and modify your team lists. The more you use Wh, the better the suggestions you will get.

Before opening up a new recruitment you might already have the skills you need internally.

Collaborative research
with your suppliers and
with the companies of the group.

With Wh algorithms you can do real-time collaborative research with your suppliers.
Avoid hundreds of emails and make immediate decisions!

Features for collaborative recruiting (Open HR)

Open HR is Wh‘s tool that shares the CV databases of suppliers and the companies of the group.

  1. You activate Open HR, search for the supplier with whom you want to connect and send him a connection request.
  2. The supplier accepts the connection request, sets the visibility parameters and shares its CV database with you.
  3. Every time you search for talent you will know if the CVs you are viewing are yours or those of your supplier and, in real time, if those profiles are available or not.
  4. You can also make your database visible outside, choosing which profiles to show and to whom.

We remind you that your CVs visible outside your organization aremanaged by you; all contact information, as well as the name and other identifiable information, are obscured.

Open HR is Wh‘s tool forblind recruiting“: the customer who selects a CV managed by you must necessarily contact you if he wants to interview the candidate and insert him into his organization.


The main benefits of using Whp.AI.

More Effective Personnel Searches

With Wh algorithms, you can increase your search success rate by 50%.

How do we achieve this?

CVs contain related and implicated information that Wh algorithms can identify without you having to interview the candidate.

We also tell you the percentage of the candidate’s match with your search.

Save time with a more efficient CV analysis!

With the Whp.AI platform you can multiply your HR team’s productivity by 100x.

The Wh algorithms can read and classify 100 CVs in just 10 minutes.

With Whp.AI, your HR team can focus on other types of activities like interviewing the most promising candidates and analyzing their attitudinal profiles. Additionally, with theOpenHR feature, you can search in your vendors databases, open requests in real time, and configure your teams with just a few clicks. This way you can:

  • avoid hundreds of emails,
  • save countless hours in the procurement process,
  • be ready to go on a new project or task immediately.

Increased productivity of your teams

At WH, the productivity of a team goes far beyond the number of hours worked by each member.

With the WHP.AI platform, you can create your own operational and prospect team lists, and the team composition is suggested by WH’s algorithms.

We process a series of information on the team members (declared and potential skills, experience, attitude, previous evaluations, and more) to get the best configuration possible, increasing productivity and reducing team turnover.

The lack of competencies in the market demands not to waste time!
With Whp.AI you can always be one step ahead of the companies in your sector.

Start the trial!

You only pay if you confirm the benefits.

Start paying after the first 100 CVs analyzed or after 3 months of use.
No credit card required.


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