Discover the potential of the candidates

The Wh algorithms analyze CV data and other sources (data enrichment) and provide you with predictive results about the candidates you are evaluating.
Use the Wh algorithms also to map the actual skills of your workforce and get suggestions on the optimal team configuration.

Gain time

Wh algorithms read and classify 100 CVs in just 10 minutes!

More opportunities

Wh algorithms halve the number of applications to analyze to find the skills you are looking for.

Real-time searches

You can carry out real-time collaborative searches with your suppliers.

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Why Wh

The Artificial Intelligence algorithms were defined with the scientific consultancy of the Politecnico of Bari, the cloud solutions built with the support of the Google Startups Success Team, the microservices built with the support of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.


Main benefits you get by using Whp.AI

More effective personnel searches

With Wh algorithms you increase the success rate of your searches by 50%.

How do we do this?

Resumes hide related and implicated information that Wh’s algorithms can identify without you having to interview the candidate.

We also tell you the candidate’s match rate with your search.

Save time with more efficient CV analysis!

With the Whp.AI platform, you can multiply the productivity levels of your HR team by 100x.

The Wh algorithms in just 10 minutes read and classify 100 CVs.

With Whp.AI your HR team can focus on other types of activities, such as interviewing the most promising candidates and analyzing their aptitude profiles.

Furthermore, with the “Open HR” function, you can search the databases of your suppliers, open requests in real-time, and configure your teams with just a few clicks.
In this way

  • you avoid hundreds of emails;
  • save hours on the procurement process;
  • you can be immediately operational on a new project or task.

Increase the productivity of your teams

We protect the importance of your data. Before granting the visibility of your database externally, you will need to approve the request and select the visibility parameters.

You can share the entire database or a part of it (such as only the profiles you have discarded, only the junior profiles, etc.).

The CVs you share externally are “managed” by you, therefore, will be hidden the candidate’s contact information and other identifiable information (e.g. name and surname).

With the “blind recruiting” option, when a company selects one of your profiles, your contact information will appear, and you will be directly involved in defining the conditions of collaboration.

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