For Talents

Are you tired of receiving proposals that are not in line with your expectations?

We offer you the best match thanks to an
algorithm created on the needs of talents.

Only job offers that match your profile

On the WhpAI you can find job offers published by companies that use Wh algorithms to optimize their personnel searches. We only present offers that match your professional profile and your wishes. Scroll through the offers we offer, apply or save the ad to apply at a later time. You can also share the offer with other people or discard it.

From your actions we get to know you and keep up with your changes over time: your choices help us to present you with offers that are increasingly in line with what you are looking for.

Get professional development tips

Upload your presentation (profile photo, CV, Video CV), tell us something about yourself (desires, expectations, strengths and weaknesses) and leave it to the WH algorithms.
Soon we will also implement the professional development section: we will provide you with the results of our analysis with suggestions to improve your career (e.g. suggestions on Up & ReSkill).

Match with companies you like

Search for the company where you would like to work and put a like. The company will see your reaction and will be able to view your profile and add it to their favourites, this is a match.
Every time the company looks for a new talent, Wh’s algorithms show the profiles that respond to the search and have already had a match among the first results. There is no ideal candidate, there is the ideal candidate for a company. If you have had a match before a position opens there is a high chance you are the talent the company is looking for.

Training courses

Coming soon.